Wednesday, 27 June 2012

iloveyoudad <3

for diz final sem ni,aku ingt subject2 yg last ni la pling susah.rupenye ade lg which is cari duit..susahnyee nk cari duit..last sem ni,aku n housemates runner some business,ariny bru ari kedue,penatnye lg penat from the first day..then lm realised susahnyee nk cari duit ni kn..abeskn memg seng,nk cari blek susahnye only God knows..then remind me of you dad,cmne dulu nk besarkn kteorg adik bradik..kene potong buah sawit,then pungut biji peroi stu persatu..dr pg smpai ptg ciapkn buah..lw xpotong buah,pg2 da g really hardwork you are..too much your sacrifice for us,always want the best in our life..thnk you very very much dad for being such a lovely father!!! i love you more n more everyday <3

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